haus altFriedrich Odenthal founded in 1920 the company Odenthal & CO in Remscheid, which was completely destroyed in World War II. In 1948 Hans Odenthal and Helmut Rinke rebuild the company and in the following years the company has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of pliers.

Adolf Tracht Senior founded the company Tracht Spezialzangen in 1948 and began production of pliers in Wuppertal Ronsdorf. Since then, the company continuously developed further verification and soon became one of the leading manufacturers of "cutting pliers"

Looking up to the future the expertise and experience of both companies were combined in 2001 and the

Tracht -Odenthal GmbH & CO KG

was founded. Today we are an efficient and reliable partner for our customers. We manufacture pliers of all areas, such as high quality standard pliers, pliers for the automotive, Elektrical Trades and Crafts.

Tracht-Odenthal pliers piece by piece

"Made in Germany"

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